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Pacific Gray's Peak Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Product Description

Pacific Gray's Peak Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Product Details

  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Blue/ Gold
  • Brand: Pacific
  • Model: 264108P
  • Released on: 2007-01-01


  • Steel Dual Suspension Frame
  • Vortex Cross-Country Fork
  • 18-Speed Index Torque Drive Twist Shift

Customer Reviews

You get what you pay for !!3
This is a Great looking bike. It arrived in only two days with the free shipping. Now for the bad. The front wheel wobbles. The front brake is garbage. I only get 12 gears instead of 18. Well, I can live with just 12 gears, it is more then enough for me. I am fairly handy and did my best in tweaking all items. The front brake is useless, so I just removed it. The fit and finish is about one can expect for a hundred dollar bike. I had to install two new inner tubes because the ones that came with the bike both blew out within the first hour of inflation. And I was quite careful with the overall inflation process. It does gets me around on short trips, and like I said, it looks great. Next time I buy a bike though, will be from a store where it is already assembled and I can check everything out before purchase. The agravation saved will be worth the extra cost.

It is what it is..... A cheap bike1
Let me just say I have taken this bike out on 15 rides the first was a fairly light bike trail and it did ok. The 10+ rides after the first, consisted of street riding and bike trail riding. It handled fair for that. Took it out to the local nature preserve and by the time I was through I wanted to through it into the gulley. This bike is not made to handle offroad. It's definiteley not designed with street in mind either. So that brings me to the conclussion that this is a complete waste of time and money.

I did not buy this bike, I earned it through a program for selling insurance and bought it with my earned miles. I am no pro but I do know how to work on a bike. There is no reason to buy this bike. The suspension bottoms out on 70%-90% of the terrain you will find, even on fire roads. The brakes are no good. I adjusted them as I would any other bike and they worked for about 5 minutes before going back to exactly how they were before I adjusted. It was at the worst time too. Going down a steep hill hit the brakes full and took about 10-20 seconds before I slowed down to a speed where I could put my foot down. Next is the pedal, I have logged over 5,000 miles on previous bikes owned and the pedal broke off within 20 miles on this bike.

Being that this bike is equipped with a dual suspension you would think you can take it into some tough terrain. That is not the case. The only place I would ride this is on the street but then again that is not recommended because the brakes are very sketchy. It looks good but clearly this bike blows. I'm going to sell mine on craigslist for $20! Poor guy that buys it is going to save $80 just to pay hundreds in health insurance cost.

TO THE GUY THAT SAYS A FEW MINOR ADJUSTMENTS AND ITS GOOD: NO NO NO! You either work for Grays Peak or you have yet to take this on a hill. It falls apart, it breaks, it looks good, and the brakes do not work.

off my feet4
I am 65 yrs. old and haven't ridden a bike in a number of years. After reading some neg. reviews, I checked the bike over completely when I opened the box. Everything was good and I wa surprised that I was able to assemble the bike myself. I am 4,000 miles from my mechanic (husband) in Texas, but I can read and know how to use tools. The instructions were very clear.
I am very pleased with my purchase and am looking forward to the day when riding will not make my legs so sore.

Thank you,

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